Carolina Coast and Backwater

Having been born in New Bern I have a special connection to the North Carolina coast, its people, geography, and history. I grew up around boats and fishing, spending a great deal of time on the water both fresh and salt. I was taught by my father to appreciate the flair of the bow of a Harkers Island sport fishing boat. I fished offshore with my dad in the Cape Lookout - Shackleford Banks - Morehead City area and learned an appreciation early on for the hard work that coastal fishermen must endure to sustain themselves and their families. I know what it is like to have fish hit four lines simultaneously while trolling and then join in the mad scramble to land them. And yes, I have experienced the queasy feeling you can easily get on Pamlico sound while in a 32 foot sport fishing boat. One wave you ride over, the next crashes into the cockpit windows with such a force that you are certain they will shatter.

Coastal Carolina has a lot to recommend it, but I think I knew by the time I attended Appalachian State University that I would someday call the mountains of North Carolina my permanent home. As I am fond of saying to anyone who will listen, "you couldn't pry me out of these mountains with a crow bar."
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