Attorney Phil Haire, a member of the N.C. House of Representatives, and his wife Connie purchased all of the paintings from my December 2010 show at my gallery It’s by Nature with the exception of one that sold just prior to the show’s opening that evening. The Haires have donated the collection to the new Jackson County library complex which was just completed in the spring of 2011. The works will hang in the facility’s conference room in the old courthouse.

I want to thank my gallery owner Sandi Cooper who worked hard to keep the collection together and find it a wonderful home!

I have provided the library with a giclée reproduction of the original painting which was sold earlier to compete the collection. It is framed to match the other paintings.

It is a great honor for me to have this collection of my paintings of downtown Sylva hang in our beautiful new library complex. My thanks to Connie, Phil and Sandi for making this a reality!

Photos below of It’s By Nature Gallery
Downtown Sylva in Detail Show:

2K10 IBN Show004
Primary gallery space.

2K10 IBN Show001
Downtown Sylva in Detail #1

2K10 IBN Show002
Downtown Sylva in Detail #2

2K10 IBN Show003
Downtown Sylva in Detail #3

Above photos by R. B. Crawford, Blacksburg, VA

Website Update

As of today my Sleepy Hollow Studio website has been completely redesigned. I hope that everyone will enjoy the new site and I encourage comment and criticism regarding its content and appearance. It has been no small feat to undertake this re-working of the site and I will be interested to hear from my many friends, collectors and other interested parties about the changes I have made.

- Craig Forrest