Miscellaneous Locales I

After the Storm, watercolor

The Hunter Barn on Caney Fork. An early painting, this barn has since been torn completely down. Barns such as this have low hanging shed-like additions which are used for curing burly tobacco.

This barn is also the subject of the paintings
Caney Fork Snowfall and Winter Flock.
Ashes to Ashes, watercolor

An old chimney near Cullowhee which was still standing long after the house had disappeared. The vines climbing it camouflaged it in summer.
Brown, watercolor

Some good friends commissioned me to do this painting of their German Shepherd.
Church Window, watercolor

This painting resulted from another commission. I was asked to do a painting of a church. On location I was struck by the reflection of the winter light from the setting sun in the side windows of the church. These are definitely not colors which one would normally find on my palette.
Hay Rake, watercolor

This was a subject that I came across completely by accident. It was sitting next to this barn right beside the road. I have always been fascinated by old hay rakes and have painted several of them.
Network, watercolor

Of course the tree roots prompted the title. I debated whether or not to include the rope swing. I have since had several people tell me it works best with the swing so I suppose it was a good decision.
Silent Vigil, watercolor

Another subject which I stumbled across by accident. I was riding in my Jeep in the Big Ridge area of Jackson County and this scare crow was in a garden beside the road. It was the end of summer and you could tell that this fellow had been on duty for quite a while.