Method of Work


"10-10-10" Pencil Study

The process begins with pencil drawings to discover potential compositions. Pencil provides a chance to work quickly and gives an opportunity to explore contrasts and values along with texture.

"10-10-10" Detail

Cotton rag watercolor paper is soaked in water and then fastened to a board and allowed to dry. This process stretches the paper and permits the introduction of watercolor washes which will not cause the paper to buckle excessively.

I use the highest quality paints and materials available. All pigments used are permanent with no fugitive colors permitted. Watercolor, like other paints, is a pigment suspended in a binder. In this case the binder is gum Arabic. The medium used for dispersing the paint is water.

"10-10-10" Drybrush Watercolor

When a subject lends itself to further effort, I work in drybrush. This is a watercolor style that involves squeezing most of the water from the brush and working primarily with the watercolor paint alone.

This type of painting usually requires a great deal more time to execute, but the results can be quite satisfying.

"Top of the Mast" Egg Tempera

An additional medium employed is Egg Tempera.

The Egg Tempera medium is one of the most demanding available to the artist. This involves the use of dry pigments combined with a mixture of distilled water and egg yolk.

Tempera provides a luminosity that is almost impossible to duplicate in any other medium.