Nicholson Cove II

Broom Making, watercolor

Ben's wife Frances. She was giving a demonstration of broom making.

She was suspicious. She knew I had my camera and could hear the shutter click. When I took a picture she would look up at me for a second and then go back to working on her broom. Frances didn't like to have her picture taken. But she liked me a lot and so she tolerated me.

Ben and Frances and their home provided me with a great number of subjects for paintings. They were both special people and represented the best of people of the southern highland area. They have both passed on but hardly a day goes by that I don't think of them.

This painting was a commission and the owner has it hanging in her home along with the broom that Frances was making that day.
Broom Making, Detail I
Broom Making, Detail II
We had a deep snow once when my close friends who lived near Ben and Frances were out of town. I wondered how they were doing so I gave them a call. Frances said they were doing fine except they sure could use some bread and milk. Also, their daughter, who lived at a lower elevation, could use some milk and I could just stop and put it in her mail box. (I must have volunteered without knowing it.)

By the time I reached Nicholson's my Jeep was pushing snow with the front bumper. They had a lot more snow at that elevation than I had in Cullowhee. It felt good to back up to their stove and watch the birds at their feeder. I stayed for a short time and then decided that I needed to head back as the snow was continuing to fall. It was dark by the time I finally arrived home.