Johns Creek

Also in the Caney Fork watershed is an area known as Johns Creek. Nicholson Cove Creek is a tributary of Johns Creek which is a tributary of Caney Fork.
Borrowed Barrow, watercolor and egg medium

This old metal wheel barrow was "borrowed" from someone by some good friends of mine. I found it leaning against the foundation of their front porch and immediately realized what a strong statement it made. The color of this rusty old tool against the drab foundation of the old chestnut cabin (long since torn down) was what initially attracted me to the subject.

I abhor paintings with "arranged" subject matter. About the only time I find this to be acceptable is when doing commissions, in particular, portraits. It is then sometimes unavoidable. This wheel barrow was left exactly where our friends had placed it, just beside the rock steps leading up to the porch of the cabin where it would be handy for the next trip to the woodpile or garden.

This painting was accepted into the 30th Annual Exhibition of the Knickerbocker Artists at the National Arts Club in New York, New York.
Guest House, watercolor

This painting was a commission. The cabin was built by a good friend of mine who is a building contractor. He did all of the construction by himself including lifting the huge logs into place. He has since built a studio addition for me here in Cullowhee.

The level of craftsmanship in this cabin is impressive. He is truly a master builder.

The scene is high summer in the mountains. The windows are open, flower baskets are on the porch and Queen Anne's Lace is blooming around the foundation.
Point of View, watercolor and drybrush

This is a window in the cabin seen in the painting Marion's Pride, below. You are looking all the way through the cabin, through a window in the opposite exterior wall to the outside.
Marion's Pride, watercolor

The Marion Prince cabin which is accessed via Johns Creek but is situated on the main Caney Fork watershed side of the ridge. In the winter the cabin is visible from the Caney Fork road.