Chastine Creek

Chastine Creek is another one of the many tributaries of Caney Fork Creek. The Shular farm on Chastine Creek provided subject matter for several paintings.
Winton's Coat, drybrush watercolor

Winton Shular's jean jacket hanging on a peg on the front porch. He wouldn't pose for me so I had to settle for this dry brush of his jacket.
Lap Quilting, watercolor

Winton's wife Vena, lap quilting while sitting on the front porch glider. Vena was an excellent quilter. She didn't mind posing for me and permitted me to roam the farm to take photographs as reference for the paintings I did there.
Pokeweed, watercolor

A pokeweed plant was growing up through this abandoned disc harrow. The old locust pole leaned against it was as solid as a rock. Pokeweed can sprout in some unusual places.
Overhang, watercolor

An old mower protected under the eave of the barn. This one is very similar to the one in the painting Surrey Mower from Hampton's Horse Farm. A late evening scene at the Shular farm. The overhanging eaves had a number of large wasp's nest and they were returning in great numbers. I made sure that I was far enough away to not bother them!
Lantern, watercolor

This old lantern was hanging on the barn wall, its globe long ago broken. It now simply hangs as a reminder of past luminance. Objects like this attract me as subject matter not only because of their familiarity but also because of the colors present due to the passage of time and exposure. The rusts and blues gave this lantern a beautiful patina that was fun to duplicate in watercolor. The side most exposed to the elements had an almost chalky surface which was particularly interesting to me.
Bucket of Chicken, drybrush watercolor

Now this really happened! A chicken had built a nest in this old bucket. When I first spotted it I could hardly believe it myself. I thought at first that I would eliminate the chicken and simply paint the bucket as that was what had attracted me in the first place. Somehow I just couldn't bring myself to do that. I had to include that chicken. As with the lantern above, the rust and general condition of the bucket provided another great opportunity to explore watercolor's ability to render the subject.